Let’s Move it and Groove it!

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Melwood is moving! We are moving all the time!

No actually we are moving into bigger premises on Knowsley Park! The most wonderful building we could have ever hoped to have secured, to be exact – the Kennels – The former home of the gun dogs that worked on the estate in days gone by and more recently housed Knowsley Community College’s rural crafts workshop.

We are so lucky to be staying on Lord Derby’s Country Estate and our new home is huge compared to what we have now and it is idyllic!

We have moving things slowly up to the Kennels and are making ready for the big push when we move our kit and stock and become fully operational, whilst in the midst of some repair work to the building, making it habitable again, as it has lain empty for a number of years.

The move means we can finally do everything we were planning to do with Melwood – with dedicated rooms or all our operations – bottling, kegging, casking, tasting, cooling, laboratory and more storage rooms than we could have ever hoped for! And all in a setting of apple trees, blackberry bushes, bee hives and horses, sheep, cows and wildlife in abundance.

We will be having a relaunch party and tours of the brewery will follow with tasting events, festivals and more! Details to follow as they happen!!

The photos I’ve uploaded to this post were taken back in February when we first saw the Kennels; the next set I will post in a few weeks time when we are installed in there and you’ll be able to see a huge difference!

Hope to post a bit more regularly too as things are happening all the time but we’ve been so busy there’s ben no time to get it all on the website!

That’s all for now but keep on supporting our local breweries and pubs and restaurants, we all couldn’t do it without you wonderful people!













Summer Shakedown Returns 15th August 2015

Yahoo!!! Melwood’s Summer Shakedown returns to The Baltic Social, Parliament Street, Liverpool on Saturday 15th August 2015!!

Please join us for BEER, GROOVES and FOOD (Baltic Social fantastic menu) and make this Shakedown an absolute blast!

All kicks off around 2pm when Julie will be serving Melwood ales on cask.  Music starts at 4pm with an eclectic mix of supersonic sounds and Baltic Social food is available all day until about 9pmish.

John takes to the stage with Shakedown Street as last band on stage from late until the early hours.

The last Shakedown was fantastic so lets try to make this one the biggest and best yet!

Hope you can pay a visit because we’ll be very pleased to serve you 🙂

Summer Shakedown 2015










Well time flies when you’re busy they say and we can’t believe it’s over a month since we posted here!!

Some news to tell you! We are having a bit of a beer festival with our friends down at the Liverpool Guild of Students this weekend 15th-17th May! Melwood Beer Co has sourced a lot of the beers that will be appearing at the festival and of course you will be able to get the very fine Sphinx Pale Ale there too.  Indeed, making it’s launch this festival weekend will be Sphinx Pale Ale in BOTTLES! So both the fabulously discerning students of the University of Liverpool and all other lovely people will be able to buy your SPA to drink in your very own homes!

Back to the festival… the bar is ready and the beers are stillaged and being cooled for your utmost delectation and festival glasses are stacked for sampling…

Liverpool Guild Beer Festival Bar

Liverpool Guild Beer Festival Bar


Liverpool Guild of Students 2015 Beer Festival Glass

Liverpool Guild of Students 2015 Beer Festival Glass

The event is taking place in the CELLAR bar next to the Sphinx Bar within Liverpool Guild on 15th, 16th & 17th May.  Hope you can come down and enjoy the beers and there’s some excellent ciders on too!

Here’s the beer & cider list…


Barlow Brewery

1. Betty’s Blonde

4.0% – Pale Ale / Blonde

Brewed with a blend of pale malts

to give it a light golden colour

hopped for subtle citrus and

passion fruit flavours with a clean

crisp finish.

Cambrinus Craft

2. Deliverence

4.2% – Pale Ale / Golden

A malt, toffee and earthy initial

palate leading to a slightly hoppy

bite on the finish.

Cross Bay Brewery

3. Zenith

5.0% – IPA / Golden

Light and refreshing in colour with

a distinct tropical aroma. Zesty

fruit flavours from a triple blend of


4. Sunset

4.2% – Pale Ale / Blonde

Bursts onto the palate with a crisp

and refreshing star, followed by an

orange and lemon rind aftertaste.

Dancing Duck Brewery


4.3% – Pale Ale / Golden

A great aroma and powerful

upfront hoppy bitterness give way

to an explosion of citrus and pine

flavours. A full on hop attack not

for the faint hearted!

6. Abduction

5.5% – IPA / Golden

Intense tropical fruit flavours are

matched with a hoppy bitterness

to make this a dangerously

drinkable 5.5% IPA.

Dukeries Brewery

7. Pale Ale

4.0% – Pale Ale / Golden

Pale ale brewed in the heart of the


Empire Brewing

8. Colony 13

5.1% – Pale Ale / Amber

Amber in colour. A well balanced

ale, heavily hopped with Galaxy

and Citra.

9. Strikes Back

4.0% – Pale Ale / Golden

Back-Stabbingly brilliant pale ale,

hopped with eye-watering U.S.

Cascade hops.

Guild Festival Beer List

Great Heck Brewing

10. Chopper

3.8% – Pale Ale / Golden

Golden session ale with a

surprisingly full body considering

the strength, and a decent amount

of hops.

Hopstar Brewery

11. Off T’ Mill

3.9% – Bitter / Amber

Leyden Brewing

12. Nanny Flyer

3.8% – Bitter / Golden

A light bodied bitter with an initial

dryness, a hint of citrus, followed

by a strong malty finish.

Liverpool Craft Beer Co.

13. Toast

4.2% – American / Amber

Bursts onto the palate with a crisp

and refreshing star, followed by an

orange and lemon rind aftertaste.

14. Quokka

3.9% – IPA / Golden

Session IPA brewed with juicy

Australian hops.

Liverpool Organic Brewery

15. Last Man Standing

3.9% – Pale Ale / Golden

A hoppy golden ale made with

Riwaka hops.

16. Liverpool Pilsner

4.7% – Pilsner / Golden

A well rounded golden larger

style beer with floral and spicy

notes which come from the use of

traditional noble European hops.

Melwood Beer Co.

17. Sphinx Pale Ale

4.3% – Pale Ale / Golden

A crisp, refreshing pale ale brewed

exclusively for Liverpool Guild of

Students. This beer has a fresh

hoppy aroma with a pleasant

bitter taste.

18. 1000 Up

5.7% – Pale Ale / Chestnut

Stan Shaw’s 1000th brew has a

mix of Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo and

Nelson Sauvin hops. A special

blend of malts and hops give this

delicious beer a crisp biscuity


19. Citradelic

5.1% – Pale Ale / Golden

A light pale ale single hopped

with American Citra hops giving

the classic grapefruit, lychee and

gooseberry aromas this hop is

famous for.

Melwood Beer Co.

20. Stanley Gold

4.3% – Pale Ale / Golden

Triple American hopped with

Cascade, Centennial and Amarillo

giving this beer a crisp hoppy

flavour and a beautiful citrus

aroma. A well balanced but

complex and refreshing beer.

Milestone Brewing Co.

21. Fletcher’s Ale

5.2% – Pale Ale / Golden / Blonde

Golden in colour with a floral and

citrus aroma. The taste is citrus

and sweet fruits with a slightly

toasted floral aftertaste.

Milk Street

22. Beer

5.0% – Pale Ale / Blonde

The use of Mount Hood as the

aroma hop gives this beer a

pungent hoppy fruitiness. A bitter,

hoppy and dry finish, enlivened

by lasting citrus and grain malt

making a late surge. A delicious

blonde beer to be taken with care.

Off Beat Brewery

23. Wild Blackberry Mild

3.8%, Mild / Black

We couldn’t make a conventional

mild, it needed the offbeat

twist hence the addition of


Peerless Brewing Co.

24. Oatmeal Stout

5.0% – Stout / Black

The use of oats gives a good

mouthfeel and dark malts provide

lots of backbone with toffee and

caramel tones.

25. Jinja Ninja

4.0%, Ginger Ale, Amber

Fiery ginger beer made with fresh

root ginger, chili and lemon.

26. Dark Matter

3.6% – Porter / Black

Deep, dark, delicious. Brewed

from a mix of 8 different malts

including oats, Munich, Crystal,

Special B, Abbey, Wheat, Pale and

Roast. Bitterness coming from

the roast malt but tempered with

residual sweetness. Hints of toffee

and caramel.

Raw Brewing Company

27. Galaxy

5.4% – Pale Ale / Golden

Late & dry hopped with Galaxy.

A refreshing pale with a tropical

fruit aroma.

28. Baby Ghost IPA

3.9% – IPA / Golden

Session version of Grey Ghost

IPA, powerful grapefruit citrus


Stamps Brewery

29. Refreshing Stout

5.0% – Stout / Black

A special stout infused with fresh

mint and chocolate.

30. The Russian

4.2% – Bitter / Ruby

Ruby in colour using Fuggles and

Goldings hops for a traditional

English bitter.

31. Inverted Jenny

4.6% – Pale Ale / Golden

Light and refreshing in colour

with a distinct tropical aroma.

Zesty Golden in colour, using

Challenger, Fuggles and Goldings

hops, a grassy and floral bouquet,

with a noticeable tinge of caramel.

of hops.

Stockport Brewing Co.

32. Stock Porter

4.8% – Porter / Black

Subtle hints of liquorice with dark

chocolate and coffee notes.

33. Crown Best Bitter

4.2% – Bitter / Amber

Double hopped with a dry finish.

Tiny Rebel Brewing Co.

34. Fubar

4.4% – American Pale Ale / Amber

Floral hoppy flavours up front,

leading into a dry spicy bitterness

on the back.


35. Flowerdew

4.0% – Pale Ale / Golden / Blonde

Strong lemon citrus start with a

well-balanced hoppy finish.

Barbourne Cider

36. Strawberry

4.0% – Medium Dry / Clear

Brewed with a blend of pale malts

to give it a light golden colour

hopped for subtle citrus and

passion fruit flavours with a clean

crisp finish.

Lilley’s Cider

37. Bee Sting Perry

7.5% – Sweet / Clear

Sweet but incredibly refreshing

with a glorious fresh tasting pear

flavour and wonderful pear aroma.

Orchard Pig

38. Explorer

4.5% – Medium Dry / Cloudy

A bittersweet aroma and taste of

cider country with a lingering ripe

fruit sweetness.

Purbeck Cider Co.

39. Joe’s Sweet

4.5% – Sweet / Clear

This cider is made up from a

blend of fruity cider and crisp

eating apples giving you the

fresh clean taste of the sweeter


Thistly Cross Cider

40. Whisky Cask

6.9% – Medium Dry / Clear

Matured in an ex-Glenglassaugh

cask for six months to nurture

the natural characteristics of

the cider, this rarefied, medium

dry cider develops, as you might





Melwood is off to Sheffield for SIBA Beer X 2015


Just a note to tell you John & Julie are off to lovely Yorkshire tomorrow for the trade experience that is Beer X. We are hoping to learn loads and return with some great ideas for the future!
It will be full steam ahead for our Shakedown on Saturday 21st March (the Spring Equinox) from 2pm with great beer, music, food and a great venue in The Baltic Social!
Hope all our friends and supporters can join us together with a fair few newbies to Melwood’s now ‘legendary’ shindigs, described by our hosts as ‘lively’!
Hold on to yer ‘ats!




Liberty Beer & The Levellers















So we took Liberty beer to the Levellers on Friday night and we are very pleased to say that they loved it!

We had a great time watching A Curious Life and the live acoustic set was amazing.  even more amazing was that we got to meet the band after the show and they were awesome! Here are some picks from the night….









Melwood’s ‘Liberty’ Beer – an homage to the Levellers

You may have been seeing our latest beer ‘Liberty’ fabulous pump clips popping up on the bars of our wonderful city of Liverpool pubs and wondered ‘what’s the story behind this one?’, well…….

Melwood have long been known for producing a range of ‘Icons of Rock Series’ beers which are named after iconic bands, singers or songs.  You may remember our ‘Mojo Risin’ or ‘Fools Gold’ or ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’; well ‘Liberty’ is the latest in our range and has been inspired by one of Mr & Mrs Melwood’s favourite bands of all time, The Levellers.

We’ve wanted to do this one for a while and it just so happened that we bought a supply of ‘Liberty’ Hops and hey presto! the name just fitted the Levellers song ‘Liberty’! How could we name it anything else?

The pump clip design was graciously donated to us by Levellers bassist, Jeremy Cunningham, as well so this is a complete mind blower for us as big fans of not only Levellers music but Jeremy’s outstanding artwork.

The beer is a 5% pale ale flavoured with Liberty hops giving a slightly sweet spicy tang.  It’s a fine drink for a fine band we think and we are proud of the band’s involvement in it.  Thank you to Matt Savage (Levellers keyboards) particularly, for arranging for Jeremy to contact us regarding the design, which I’m sure you will agree is quite striking!

The Levellers are coming to Liverpool Philharmonic Hall next Friday 6th March.  The latest date in their ‘A Curious Life’ tour which showcases a film and live acoustic set by this fine English folk-rock band.  We can’t wait to see them and of course we are presenting them with their own ‘rider’ of Melwood’s Liberty Beer to enjoy whilst they are in town.

If you want to try the beer The Caledonia, The Belvedere and Liverpool Guild of Students Sphinx Bar all have casks on at the moment and I’m sure there will be a few others taking delivery soon.  Enjoy people!











Oh and if you want to check out the Levellers go here – they are a special band!

Latest Update

Just a little update for y’all

Things have been happening down Melwood’s way…
We are working closely with a local businessman developing a new product/venture which we hope to be revealing in the next couple of months but lets just say its exciting and delicious!
Expansion plans are on the agenda at Melwood too – we are growing and growing and need some more space so watch this ‘space’ for more news on that 🙂
A new beer in the Icons of Rock Series launches this week too ‘Liberty’ ale is inspired by our fave band ‘Levellers’ and we are proud to reveal that Jeremy Cunningham from the band has donated the artwork for the pump clip and labels! We’ll post a pic asap.
We’ve also been fraternising with t’landord. Melwood Beer will be served in the fabulous Knowsley Hall imminently so if you are going to a wedding there be sure to ask for some resident brewery beer – we have more plans afoot for this too with the production of bespoke beers for the happy couples who choose this amazing venue for their nuptials!
That’s all for now except to say Melwood has 7 beers on at this weekend’s CAMRA Liverpool beer festival at the Crypt under Paddy’s wigwam so be sure to have a taste and say hi as Stan will be around Friday evening and John and Julie will be there on Saturday night :-0 have fun and keep supporting local breweries and pubs 🙂

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