Happy New Year from Melwood!!!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year to you all!!!

Well Christmas/Yule came and went in a flash didn’t it?

We were working right up until about 8pm on Christmas Eve delivering supplies to our favourite pubs so they didn’t run out over the festive period.  John and Stan were very busy between Christmas and New Year as we are working on a new beer doing test brews making sure it all works for a big project that will hopefully come to fruition later this year. (more on that as it develops so watch this space).

Also we have produced the latest in our Icons of Rock Series ‘Moondance’ a fruity pale ale single hopped with Nelson Sauvin Hops which resemble the flavours given in the Sauvignon grape variety. It’s perfect to refresh your palette after all those winter ales and porters you might have been drinking.

Photo 02-01-2015 18 39 02













Also for your delectation we have been experimenting with hops. We have decided to produce a number of our core beers dry hopped in the cask to alter the flavour and aroma and character of the beer.  Calling them our ‘BOOTLEG SERIES’ we started with Lovelight 3.8% which we dry hopped with Mosaic and left them unfined so they retained a little haze. In very limited editions, this particular beer has been very well received already!

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Derby Stout 5.1% makes a reappearance next week and work continues as normal in cask washing etc but let us know if you’d like to try our beers by emailing admin@melwoodbeer.co.uk

Derby Stout 177x250                           Photo 11-01-2015 16 39 17