Let’s Move it and Groove it!

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Melwood is moving! We are moving all the time!

No actually we are moving into bigger premises on Knowsley Park! The most wonderful building we could have ever hoped to have secured, to be exact – the Kennels – The former home of the gun dogs that worked on the estate in days gone by and more recently housed Knowsley Community College’s rural crafts workshop.

We are so lucky to be staying on Lord Derby’s Country Estate and our new home is huge compared to what we have now and it is idyllic!

We have moving things slowly up to the Kennels and are making ready for the big push when we move our kit and stock and become fully operational, whilst in the midst of some repair work to the building, making it habitable again, as it has lain empty for a number of years.

The move means we can finally do everything we were planning to do with Melwood – with dedicated rooms or all our operations – bottling, kegging, casking, tasting, cooling, laboratory and more storage rooms than we could have ever hoped for! And all in a setting of apple trees, blackberry bushes, bee hives and horses, sheep, cows and wildlife in abundance.

We will be having a relaunch party and tours of the brewery will follow with tasting events, festivals and more! Details to follow as they happen!!

The photos I’ve uploaded to this post were taken back in February when we first saw the Kennels; the next set I will post in a few weeks time when we are installed in there and you’ll be able to see a huge difference!

Hope to post a bit more regularly too as things are happening all the time but we’ve been so busy there’s ben no time to get it all on the website!

That’s all for now but keep on supporting our local breweries and pubs and restaurants, we all couldn’t do it without you wonderful people!