The Bard Micropub

New Venture……

Probably lots of you already know that John and I are branching out in 2018.

Very shortly we will be opening our first Micro pub!

We have acquired the empty unit at 57 High Street, Prescot and have got our premises licence and planning approved!

Within the next two weeks ‘The Bard’ will be open!

Called ‘The Bard’ because it’s going to be Shakespeare ‘inspired’, we are tying in with the regeneration of Prescot with their plans to bring a brand new Shakespeare 350 seat theatre, education facilities, performance studio, exhibition and education centre, office accommodation, etc. in the next couple of years.

Shakespeare had links with the town of Prescot according to Shakespeare North….

“In 1592 Shakespeare’s first history play was performed at the Rose Theatre in London. He was writing for a troupe of players called Strange’s Men, who took their name from their sponsor, Ferdinando Stanley, Lord Strange, who was to become the Fifth Earl of Derby.

Strange’s Men had also performed at Knowsley Hall (bordering Prescot): their home base. The story of Shakespeare, Strange’s Men, the Earls of Derby and the people of Prescot and Knowsley are interwoven at this point. Shakespeare may have written Richard III and Titus Andronicus for Strange’s Men, together with The Taming of the Shrew and Love’s Labour’s Lost to honour his patron. A Midsummer Night’s Dream may have been written to mark the wedding of the Sixth Earl of Derby, William.

Those who lived at Knowsley Hall were not the only ones to reap the benefits. A few miles away on the edge of the estate’s deer park, in the market town of Prescot, the first Elizabethan indoor theatre in Britain outside London, was built. This structure, a hugely significant development in the evolution of drama, was simply called The Playhouse.”

Our Micro pub will serve high quality cask ales, kegged craft beer, artisan spirits and a small selection of wine & cider.

It will be a place to come and sit and chat without the sound of sports on TV, jukebox or gaming machines and just enjoy great beers etc. that nowhere else in Prescot will sell.

We wish you a warm welcome to Prescot and The Bard…..

Besides, his cote, his flocks, and bounds of feed, Are now on sale; and at our sheepcote now, By reason of his absence, there is nothing That you will feed on; but what is, come see, And in my voice most welcome shall you be