Channel 4 Food Unwrapped featuring Melwood Beer Co












Just a reminder that the episode of Food Unwrapped featuring us has been shown!

If you missed it you can still watch the episode on Demand here

(Our feature is included in Series 9, Episode 4 if you want to search for it later)

Hope you like our brewery! It really looks beautiful in the sunshine 🙂

*Updated post

I’ve uploaded some screenshots of the piece with us in it below.  Sorry about the quality but they are just photos of my computer screen but it’s just to give you an idea of our day filming with Channel 4.

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Pride (in the name of Love)

PRIDE Keg Lens

It is with great Pride (sorry about the pun) that Melwood Beer Co are participating in the Liverpool Pride festival this weekend (30th July) in our own small way because we have brewed a beer that is being exclusively served by The Dead Crafty Beer Company on St Georges’ plateau.

The Beer

Using an array of American hops this pale ale is easy drinking and is a nice 5% keg beer.  Dry hopped with Columbus hops which are earthy, citrussy and spicy!

The Festival

Liverpool Pride is an entirely volunteer-led charity that’s trying to combat homophobia and transphobia across the Liverpool City Region and beyond. Their core values are that they are FREE, INCLUSIVE, VISIBLE and all about LIVERPOOL.

So come on down and support Liverpool Pride and local businesses.  All the details about the festival can be found here.

Hope you enjoy the show!