Melwood at Liverpool Craft Beer Expo 5th-8th June 2014



Melwood will be sending three beers to the Liverpool Craft Beer Expo on 5th-8th June:

citradelic 5.1 CITRADELIC 5.1 ABV – A light pale ale single hopped with American Citra hops giving the classic grapefruit, lychee and gooseberry aromas this hop is famous for.





Paleface 177x250 PALEFACE 4.0 ABV –  As the name suggests –a pale hoppy beer brewed with lots of late summit hops  giving it a full flavour with great mouthfeel and long hoppy aftertaste.






Kaleidoscope Eyes 5.5KALEIDOSCOPE EYES 5.5 ABV – Pale IPA style beer with Pioneer & Amarillo hops “picture yourself on a boat on a river, with tangerine dreams and marmalade skies……”






Tickets are only available for Thursday night and Sunday Afternoon sessions I’m afraid.

Head to to get your tickets now!


Melwood’s John & Julie will be there at the Saturday evening session so if you see us don’t be afraid to say hello!



Plumbing Work continues at Melwood Beer Co


Update on the plumbing work Stan is doing….

It’s taking a bit longer than expected to get back to brewing at Melwood Towers! 

We hope to be back brewing next week as we need to replenish our stocks (which are dwindling because you lovely pubs are selling lots of our beer!) but we need to make sure everything is working well and cleaned to within an inch of its life.

Stan is working hard to get the show on the road and then we can start doing what we do best; brew splendid Melwood Beer Co ales!

Addendum:  It’s been great to hear that Derby Stout has gone down so well  – selling out pretty much wherever it’s gone!  Currently at The Pilgrim Liverpool, The Pheonix Inn St Helens and Prescot Cables Beer Festival if you would like to try it!