Melwood Beer at Paul Askew’s The Art School Restaurant

Mrs Melwood revealed recently that Melwood had been privileged to be chosen to supply bespoke ales to the fabulous new restaurant on the Liverpool Scene – The Art School which opened this month fronted by Chef Extraordinaire Paul Askew.

We thought we would give a bit of a big up to Chef Askew, or ‘Porky Askew’ as he is affectionately called, for choosing our beer for this stunning new restaurant.  In fact Paul and his wonderful Restaurant Manager, James Campbell were so ‘blown away’ by our beer that they just couldn’t choose ONE beer – they chose two to be their signature beers and they liked KNOWSLEY BLONDE so much they wanted to stock it in their amazing bar as well! We are so very flattered that they think so much of our ales and appreciate all they do to promote local producers buy buying locally whenever possible.

The two beers Paul and James chose are aptly named ‘PORKY’S PALE ALE’ and ‘THE ART SCHOOL ALE’ and are available to order with your meal at the restaurant or you can take them away in gift packs should you so wish – together with our cheeky, tasty ‘KNOWSLEY BLONDE’.

We were even more flattered that Paul was only one of two suppliers of our beer at the Liverpool Food & Drink Festival.  We can think of no better endorsement than that. Here is Paul with ‘PORKY’S PALE ALE’ at the festival:

Porky Askew


A bit about the beers:



The exquisite ‘PORKY’S PALE ALE’ 4.0 ABV is a fabulously pale ale which is flavoured with Summit hops giving robust citrus notes of orange, tangerine and grapefruit.  The Summit hop has been mooted by some as the ‘ideal hop’ for the ‘ultimate’ pale ale which is what we think Porky’s Pale Ale is! and it’s Paul’s choice to bear his moniker.

Notwithstanding this, the impeccable, even paler  ‘THE ART SCHOOL ALE’ 4.0 ABV is flavoured with Chinook hops which give similar grapefruit and citrus flavours to Summit but a with an added spicy hint and smell, followed by tropical fruit notes and slight tangy pine – James’ favourite and if I dare say, Mr Melwood’s too!

KNOWSLEY BLONDE:  4.3 ABV  A crisp, refreshing pale ale using only Atlas hops – a hybrid of Brewers Gold and Slovenian Wild Hop –  This beer has a fresh hoppy aroma with a pleasant bitter taste and is fast becoming our best selling beer.  Chosen by Paul and James as worthy to grace the elegant bar of The Art School, we are VERY proud of this beer. It can be found also gracing the bars of the finest pubs in Liverpool and beyond!

KNOWSLEY BLONDE 4.6 ABV – Crisp, refreshing pale ale using only Atlas hops – a hybrid of Brewers Gold and Slovenian Wild Hop.  This beer has a fresh hoppy aroma with a pleasant bitter taste.



Now unfortunately we haven’t had the opportunity to dine at The Art School yet (shock, horror! Will be rectified asap) but we know a man who has! Just follow this link: to see friend of Melwood, Pedro Cotzier’s, mouthwatering review of The Art School.  We can vouch for the real ale but Pedro will fill you in on the amazing food and service to be found here.

And you can find more information and make your reservation here at The Art School’s website.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your superb meal and the fabulous real ale.

“If The Art School Restaurant is heading for Liverpool’s first Michelin Star The Melwood Beer Company is EXTREMELY PROUD to be a very small part of that!”

Melwood at the Liverpool Food & Drink Festival

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Just to let you know that although we are not appearing personally at the Liverpool Food & Drink festival (Costs so high I’m afraid and it way out of our budget this year) we WILL be represented by Liverpool One Bridewell who are serving our bespoke beer ‘Jailhouse Rocks’ on cask and by the fabulous Paul Askew and The Art School Restaurant who will be serving our bespoke bottled beer, ‘Porky’s Pale Ale’ and our very own ‘Knowsley Blonde’ (again in bottles), for your delectation. Please remember them when voting online for the awards Both restaurants do so much to promote local producers especially Liverpool producers.

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